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Didn't want to go there anyway

flightaware.com/live/flight/ASH2 … /KPHX/KSBP

HAHA! Got a laugh out of that. Thanks for posting. :laughing:

Or how about an 8 hour flight to return to where you started. Although in the meantime you helped a few Navy or Marine F/A-18s get a drink.

flightaware.com/live/flight/OMEG … /KBIL/KBIL


Dayem, wonder what his EFC (Expect Further Clearance) time was!

just a little pattern work in an RJ.

Just practicing some touch & go’s, that’s all.

Hey look kids… Space Needle, The Cascades…

Who does Omega work for?

Sounds like they work for us, as in US. :smiley:




hopefully that was fuel he was giving those 18s, and not the remants of Cousin Eddie’s RV septic tank!!

I guess he now knows what the Remove Before Flight nose gear pins are for.

Frank Holbert

Is that what it was?

Years ago I saw a Delta 757 that had the pin still installed. They took off and due to heavy traffic had to fly the entire Loop departure to the DAG VOR before getting back in line for landing. They were probably airborne for 40 minutes.

I’m surprised. Does the USAF not have enough refueling aircraft? Or are these used on some sort of special basis?


These birds appear to be dedicated to Navy, Marine or foreign aircraft, and yes.

None of the Omega Gas-Passers appear to fitted with refueling booms and therefore are not capable of handling USAF aircraft, which are all female, unlike Navy and Marine aircraft which are all male.

No, no joke John.

Now excuse me as I have to start running again before Albie reads my quoted text! http://img61.photobucket.com/albums/v185/MemoryLane/bolt.gif

Was someone trying to get current?