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Did this airliner land in the North Sea? [News Article]

Just saw this article from the Register: https://www.theregister.com/2020/09/18/flight_tracking_adsb_oddity_ins_drift/

tl;dr On 15 Sep 20 G-JOTR was seen on FR24 and stopped showing a track in the sea to the East of Scotland. No one noticed and no emergency was declared. Turns out the ac has a poorly inertial reference system which gives out incorrect data.

FA track for the flight can be seen here if interested (also looks dodgy): https://flightaware.com/live/flight/GJOTR/history/20200915/1446Z/EGMC/L%2056.50929%20-2.33118

Which gives us evidence to not rely on a single source only.

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Not “poorly”. It has an older INS nav system which feeds the position but it drifts over time.

In the past, I have seen old Boeing 767 “land” a mile north of EGLL with no-one concerned. Real radar showed there was no problem. I suspect most of those have now retired. Just a few oldies with INS still flying.

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that fact that INS worked at all is a total miracle! imagine going into your boss and saying “i’ve got this idea for some gyros that will allow us navigate around the world”!

Submarines use INS and generally don’t have issues.