Destination data through PiAware

Hi all, another quite newbie question.

@foxhunter has been super helpful in getting some examples working, to the point that I have quite a nice setup, PiAware running, spreadsheets and SQL databases all over the place.

But one thing Im missing and I hope someone can help with it Destination data, such as getting the destination of the flight, which isnt part of the JSON feed that comes into PiAware.
Is anyone aware of an API available that will return the flight destination from the flight ident or other available data?

Many thanks for any assistance.

As you have the registration and the flight number already, you can simply run a query against a database

Virtualradarserver for example is offering a SQLite Database named “StandingData.sqb” which contain flight information, aircraft details and airport details.

With a little SQL knowledge you can build a view which combines the data from these tables together with yours.
This also reduces the number of redundant data.

There are other sources as well, you can take this as a starting point:

Routes - Virtual Radar Server

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