Real Time Airport Arrival / Departure Data via PIAware

Hi everyone, sorry if I am asking a repeat question, but I wasn’t able to find my answer anywhere on the website or the discussion board.

I recently set up my PIAware system and am pulling data. I am looking to pull airport arrival/departure data from the airport by my house and display the data via an old Ipad I have. I am trying to send the data to the ipad so it shows which flight just took off or landed. Is this information available via PIAware?

Under the FAQ ( it led me to Firehouse documentation, which appears to have the capability to tell me when a flight has arrived/departed via the messages ( It appears that Firehouse costs money (even if I have an enterprise account through my PIAware?). Is there another way to obtain this data?

Thanks for the help!

Well, you see the real time air traffic your piaware receiver is able to see.

The data of all feeders and other sources is aggregated by Flightaware and then made available via the products you found on the web page.

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