Departures/En-route-to Maps...

As of 6AM CDT this morning when I’m typing…

The Departures and En-route-To maps are all showing blanks… just a map of the airport’s local area with nothing on it. The list of flights below the map is working (in the case of KSAN right now, a couple of FDX’s and a UPS), but none of the en-route (or departed) flights are showing up on the map. I tried multiple airports, including KLAX and PANC where there’s always something in the air going to or from…Same result.
Using Firefox 3.6.3 if it makes any difference.

It just worked for me. Screenshot?

The map for ORD defaults to all the way out and shows airports from as far west as ICT to as far east as EWR. Why not just keep it the way it used to be?

Now the airport activity map for ORD is centered around SDF and CVG. I have to hit refresh to get it back to ORD. What’s up with the maps?

Works fine for me too. Browser? Tried clearing the cache?

This is a problem. FlightAware tries to use some clever logic to remember where you zoomed on a map, mostly so when they automatically reload you’re back where you want to be. But we have so many types of maps and specific cases of each map that it’s difficult to keep up with all the cookies. This will be more robust in the future.

In the mean time, if you’re having trouble with maps zooming into a strange place and not following where you pan, clear out just your cookies. This shouldn’t happen too often.

This sounds like the same problem I’m having and posted about earlier this afternoon (Tuesday). I’ve deleted all of my cookies but still can’t see any aircraft that are enroute from one airport to another? Help for us please. Thank you.