Denver Airport Closed


Do to a major snow storm Denver Airport is closed. There saying that snow drifts could reach up to 6ft.
Dever Closed


Check out the weather!

Non-pilot version: Denver Intl Airport weather obsevation on the 21st day of the month, at 0120 Zulu (GMT). Wind from 340 degrees at 29 knots. Visibility is 1/4 statute miles. I don’t know what “R35L/4000V5000FT” means. Snow, blowing snow, freezing fog. Indefinite ceiling with vertical visibility of 400 feet AGL. Temerature -6 C, dewpoint -7 C. Air pressure is 29.92 inches Hg.

Edit: Here is a list of closed airports.

Check THIS link too.

Edit2: COA158 got lucky and Luftansa 447 heavy did not.



RVR / Runway Visual Range = 4000’-5000’


The weather’s bad when they use RVR.


hee hee – LMAO I’ve seen THAT number before lol :wink:


I thought it might have something to do with RVRs but wasn’t quite sure since the visibility was said to be 1/4 sm (1300 ft). Does “R35L” have anything to do with runway 35L?


[quote="CessnaCitationX]Does “R35L” have anything to do with runway 35L?

Yes, means RUNWAY 35L


You’ve been listening to the media. Technically speaking, the airport is not closed. Airlines and other aircraft may not be arriving or departing due to the weather.


That is excellent RVR however the other conditions are not good. I’ve seen corporate jets depart in far less ie ceiling 100, vis 1/4, rvr 1000. Put into perspective, lets say rotation is 108kts that is 11,000 feet per minute!


No, he’s been listening to the FAA. Straight from the source:

Due to SNOW REMOVAL, the Denver International Airport (DEN) was closed as of Dec 20 at 02:45 PM MST. The date/time when the airport is expected to reopen is not known.

Closed is the term the FAA uses when flight operations are ceased.


Air pressure is 29.92 inches Hg.

No it’s not the air pressure, that’s the altimeter setting. The actual air pressure, or technically station pressure is a lot lower than that because of the airport elevation.

Using an online calculator, the station pressure, or air pressure, is actually 24.49 in.



DEN, as of 0800 MST, is still closed. Not a great time to be close with Christmas travel in full swing.

It seems to improving a little bit. Last night there were 5 airports (DEN, BKF, FNL, FTG, ARA) in the Denver area closed. Today only 3 (DEN, BKF, FNL)


Newark777 and damiross are both correct. The National Airspace System Status, including ground delays, ground stops, and airport closures can be seen at Currently DEN is showing closed.


DEN reopening is estimated to be 1900 GMT (1200 MST) today as of 11:22 MST.


This flight supposedly took off early this morning when the airport was still closed. Don’t know what that’s all about.

As for the reopening, FDX3623 was the first to depart and MXA5858 was the first to arrive.


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I noticed the early flight, LYM1725, and thought it strange as well.
I saw something similar last night, though not related to Denver, it may be part of the same bug / glitch.

ACA652 … /CYUL/CYDF from CYUL ( Montreal) to CYDF (Deer Lake NL ) was on the departure list for CYUL last night as an actual on time departure, there was a progress report of flight time and time left, but the track log only showed “enroute”. Even when the flight was only 10 minutes out from CYDF, there was no sign of the aircraft, both on Flightaware and out my window as the flight overflys us here. A quick look at Air Canada’s web site showed that the flight was actually delayed, and was in fact not in flight, even though there was a departure report from CYUL and “enroute” status. I was waiting for a rush order of parts and was really sweating out the delays.

edit… just checked out AirCanada web site, this flight was canceled.

dbaker or mduell may be able to clarify this, but it could just be the FAA / NAV Canada computers assuming if a flight left yesterday, it is going to leave today as well.
This is the thread about a similar situation.

Question, if it is the same glitch, why only certain flights and not every flight that is delayed / diverted ?

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LYM1725… could have it been a VFR departure from another airport that picked up their IFR near DEN?