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Can anyone confirm RWY 35L is closed at DEN?

Runway 35L has had no activity for a few months, any insite on whats going on?, and how long it will be closed?

Thanks for answers. :wink:

!DEN 08/097 (KDEN A6807/13) DEN RWY 17R/35L CLSD EXC CROSS AT TWY EC LGTD AND BARRICADED WEF 1308040910-1309160559

You should be able to find this at notams.faa.gov (searching for KDEN).

Alternatively, you could call the ATIS at the airport.


How long until it opens?

13 09 16 0559


2013 Sept 16 0559Z

Looks like 11:59PM on Sept 15, if I did my Zulu time conversion correctly.

Thank you so much, one other thing, do you know why it was closed?

No, I’m not that up on DEN ops…but a long term closure like that would indicate some type of construction work. If DEN airport has a website, they may have some info what was happening.

Also, keep up to date on that NOTAM…there is always a chance of a change of plans by the airport.

I did fly via DEN just last week, and I did see some construction, but nothing substantial; it should be operating soon!

I don’t see any new Notams for 35L…so it must be back and running.