Demise of 'Western Airlines'


From the Online Travel Review blog on Feb 9th:

Goodbye Western Airlines

Western Airlines, a scheduled charter airline flying from Bellingham, Washington (?!), to Phoenix (Mesa, AZ, actually), Ontario, CA, and San Diego, has shut down after just two weeks in business. The airline, which was run by Xtra Airways, ran out of cash after a glitch in credit card processing. Or so they say. Let me just say, that’s one hell of a glitch. Execs at the airline say they’re hoping to be up and running soon. Don’t hold your breath.

FA doesn’t show a Western Airlines, but it does have Xtra Airlines (Code: CXP) which may not have flown in quite a while. Are these the same?


Yeah, the Western flights were operated by Xtra, but they did have a few planes painted with a “Western” color scheme (not at all like the original Western though). This is (was?) just a name recognition scheme, much like the current Pan Am, which in my book is an insult to an historic airline name that represented so much more than a few charters to the Bahamas.