Cactus Call sign


The Cactus call sign will cease on April 8, 2015 at 0700Z.

After that time all Legacy US flights will use the American call sign in preparation for the single carrier certificate for the New American Airlines and final death of the UAir.


Well that’s a little dramatic… I tend to mourn the demise of the original USAir callsign over Cactus…


Wasn’t the Cactus callsign from America West, when US airways merged with some years ago?





I assume those planes not in the AA livery will be “American xxxx in US colours?”


I live in the Phoenix area and am still puzzled by America West’s decision to bail out ever-bankrupt USAir in '07. And yes, the “Cactus” call sign was inherited by the merged company and the only remnant of the once great AWE.


A lot of different advantages for them.

  • They gain access to a major codesharing organization in Star Alliance,

  • they re-enter the international market (AWE used to have service to Japan, via HNL),

  • lucrative market in the eastern seaboard and its shuttle service; and

  • Sully. enough said.

I made that last one up.

I’ll miss the Cactus callsign as well, as they had a HUGE hub where I’m in Las Vegas, and their nighttime ops for all of their red-eye flights was a sight to see. At least they will still keep the one, if not both liveries as a heritage livery.



Seeing that the time is almost here for this, does anyone have an idea of what the last flight will be using Cactus?

I would think it would be a redeye flight from the west coast, as 0700Z = 12midnight PDT. That is assuming that it would be the last departing flight with it, not the last flight landing with it.

Anyone have an idea of what the last flight with Cactus will be?



I believe it was flight 774 health row to Philadelphia. … wednesday/


It was. LiveATC has coverage of the flight from ZBW all the way down.