Incorrect flight information


The info you have on US Airways flights 399 and 35 is incorrect as far as departure and arrival cities and times. You can check the US Airways website for the correct info.


The flights are correct. They are using the America West code of AWE:


The link you sent for US Airways (America West Airlines) flight 35 brings us the right flight. But the link you sent for the US Airways flight 399 still does not bring up the right flight. I am looking for US Airways flight 399 that departs today from Indianapolis at 5:59 pm and arrives in Phoenix at8:00 pm.

And how would I be able to find a flight like US Airways 35 that is using the America West flight numbers? Confusing!?


That’s what happens when you merge airlines.

By the way, America West was the surviving airline in the merger. However, they have elected to use the US Airways name for the combined airline.


Hmmm. So I just can’t track this flight? Or do you have any other strategies for how to find it? Thanks for your help btw.

#6 The flight hasn’t left yet so it can’t be tracked. But if you go to that link, you will see it is scheduled (not taken off yet) for 17:59.

Use the “don’t know the flight number?” link on the left hand side of the screen.