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Delta mystery flight

A flight shows up on the map as Delta 3343 from FRA to ORD. This flight does not show up on the Delta web site as being available.
Does anyone know anything about this flight?? Just seems kind of strange.

Possibly freight only.

There have been articles in The Wall Street Journal * and elsewhere concerning airlines currently (due to COVID-19) using passenger airliners for freight only including temporarily removing the seats in the passenger compartment. Also, despite extremely low current load factors for passenger flights, freight rates have increased substantially. The reason is that most passenger flights carry cargo in the belly, but with far fewer passenger flights, there are simply fewer aircraft available to carry freight. Demand is higher than supply so cargo rates have increased.

  • Examples: WSJ 13 April 2020 “U.S. Joining Global Push Allowing Cargo Shipments in Passenger Jet Cabins”. WSJ Middle Seat column 6 May 2020 “Why Empty Planes Keep Flying Through the Pandemic]”.

There are currently many flights which are operated by several airilines but not documented on their official schedule
Most of them are either positioning flights or cargo

I see many of them every day on my ADS-B radar.
Most of these flights are having a four digit flight number while many
regular flights are operated with lower number

As well as additional cargo operations, there are also various repatriation flights and a number of specific medical supplies flights in operation.

There are now a large number of new and often unique flight numbers seen each day.

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And don’t forget the flights for long term storage