Delta/Comair 5275 diverted


This flight was reported diverted by Flight Aware. But Delta shows it as arriving at YHZ (Halifax) at 10:16p, maybe a typo on Delta’s part. The other interesting part is that they all but got to Halifax but turned back to Boston. Wonder what happened? Did Halifax have bad weather last night (4-7)? Looking at the log it appears they may have started to descend around Halifax stayed around 17000 ft for 36 min, probably circling, and then headed back to Boston. I checked the local news outlets and saw nothing.


Same flight?? Or another diversion?


Check the flight track on this one, too.

Must have been weather.


40 inbound / outbound flights were affected at Halifax Saturday evening and Sunday morning due to a combination of high winds / heavy snow moving though the region on the weekend.


Thanks for clearing that up.