Flight Diverted


This flight was heading for Montreal and it diverted to BTV I don’t know why but it made a lot of circles I hope I can find out what happened.


Heres another and I’m not down there to see this. :angry:


Flight conditions at CYUL are currently IFR. Could be diversions due to low ceiling or ground fog.

flightplanning.navcanada.ca/ … ue=anglais


Check out the gaps in arrivials. I tell you from experience that between 17:00 and 19:00 on any given day is crazy at CYUL. So lack of activity most likely indicates conditions were below min’s.


Thanks and your right. I should have just looked out the window because its all fog and we live about 45 min away from CYUL.


I may as well just bump this thread instead of creating another.

Does anyone know why DL9980 returned to JFK?

I was listening to JFK tower on the net and decided to track a flight that departed - somehow i ended up following a flight that returned to JFK?

Its bugging me. Thanks


AAL 1635 also returned to JFK.


I am not positive, but I believe that a flight number starting with 99** must be a maintenance flight or charter flight. If you look at the history of DL9980, there are several flights starting and ending at same airport.



It started out heading to PWM, but that seems like a good explanation