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Delay displaying flights on FA map

I am a feeder to FA using a Raspberry.
What i have identified is a delay in showing the aircraft on the FA map compared to my local map.

The difference are several nautical miles. Once a flight passes my location, it’s shown on same position on my local map. But on the FA map the aircraft is several miles “behind” it’s real track.

Does FA needs that long to process data they get?

Strike the flight.
FlightFeeder is a piece of hardware.

There is a significant delay for the FA maps.
Sadly unusable for combining it with liveatc listenting.

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Yes, that’s what i meant. (removed flight feeder in original post :slight_smile: )

This flight is already changing direction approaching Frankfurt, but on FA it’s still heading westbound. Wonder what causes this delay.

I am not having a problem with it, just curiosity

It’s mostly a combination of the web track refresh interval + the web map animating to be at the current position at the time of the next expected refresh, which is a design decision that prioritises a smoothly animating track over latency. The actual end-to-end latency is single digit seconds.