Does FA delay position reports ?


Forgive me if this is covered on the website but I have looked through various FAQ but I cant see the answer to this…

I have noticed that (in my part of Australia at least) the position I see on the FA display lags the actual position of the aircraft by some minutes - possibly up to 5 minutes.

I had suspected this for some time through comparison of FA and FR24 and through comparison of SBS-1 and FA but I confirmed it visually today with direct observation of an aircraft overhead. The FA aircraft position did not cross my location until about 5 min after I saw it visually…

Is this the way its meant to be?

The other thing I notice may be related to this… I find that the ADS-B situational map does not update often enough. This is especially so if the map is on a tab that is not visible, but even with the tab being visible I often find that the map only updates for a few minutes then stalls until I manually refresh the browser.

I use Firefox (current release version) on Mac and PC, as well as Safari on Mac. Similar behavior is seen on all platforms.