Deja Vu SJ30

Did you see the flight yesterday? Capitol City to Oakland. nearly 2,000 nm bucking a headwind - non-stop.

What??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

First time poster - doesn’t realize he should have a good subject line and reference at least the flight ID, if not the actual link. … /KCAD/KOAK

Also didn’t realize that there was an existing thread on the aircraft. No biggy.

I believe he’s refering to the fact that he tracked a flight of N200DV, a new Emivest SJ30. I further believe that he’s very impressed by the fact that this aircraft completed a nonstop flight of 2000nm into a headwind. No mean feat for a light jet.

look at the track log they only had a few knots on the nose the first hour was in the mid-high 300’s but after that he was over 400kts. no big deal

No problem… Headwind on a 2000NM trip. :unamused:

The jetstream is kinda split across the central/western US. On the route and altitude that they flew they had relatively little headwind to deal with.

Must of been in a hurry to pick up some new prospects . . . :slight_smile:

Strictly business of course.

Yeah will- no problem. like I said look at the track log, his ground speed although not that great was respectable.

you sure like to roll your eyes.

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