Data sources for Live Flight Information page

The recent makeover to the Live Flights page is very good. Information is logically structured and it is a lot more clear. I presume that all the information in this page can be sourced via FlightAware API. If that is the case, I would like to know the following information is obtained:
[li] Flight taxiing details… how long the flight was/is taxiing[/li][li] Gate departure and gate arrival… currently, I am aware of methods that provide when the flight took to the air (off ground) and landed (on ground), but I am not sure how to get information about scheduled and actual departure and arrivals from and to the gate.[/li][li] Fuel burn… how to obtain this data, in addition to information like dry operating weight, zero fuel weight, fuel on board, ramp weight and arrival fuel.[/li][/list]

Please advice. Thank you.

I do not see that you are currently using the API. A good start would be to get your key and become familiar with the API. You can do that at

I have been browsing the API quite a bit and most of what I need is obtained via the /Search operation and /FlightInfoEx to some extent. The documentation is not making any distinction of ground versus gate, and I know it cannot be both if I don’t see response parameters that make that distinction clear.

Is there a trial version I can sign up for? Thank you.

Gate times are not currently provided by FlightXML2, however the upcoming FlightXML3 will.

However, gate and terminal assignment can be retrieved with the AirlineFlightInfo.

Fuel burn information is not available through FlightXML2, but we are evaluating whether there is customer interest in providing for FlightXML3.

I am currently tracking the status of a flight and i do not see the Fuel on Board listed anywhere. What setting do I need to change to display that information? … /KJFK/ZSPD … hdoza?dl=0

Fuel on board has never been an available data point. Fuel burn is a feature of our FBO ToolBox product.