FlightXML - AirlineFlightInfo gate information

The FlightXML2:AirlineFlightInfoStruct contains fields for the origin and destination gates (gate_orig and gate_dest), however I’ve noticed that those fields are consistently empty. Is this data only available for certain flights?

I’ve been issuing requests for the following endpoint: flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … FlightInfo

Example request: flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … rline-0178
Example response:

  "AirlineFlightInfoResult": {
    "faFlightID": "TAP374-1446100068-airline-0178",
    "ident": "TAP374",
    "codeshares": ],
    "tailnumber": "CSTNP",
    "meal_service": "Business: Dinner / Economy: Meal",
    "gate_orig": "",
    "gate_dest": "",
    "terminal_orig": "1",
    "terminal_dest": "2",
    "bag_claim": "",
    "seats_cabin_first": 0,
    "seats_cabin_business": 24,
    "seats_cabin_coach": 131

Thank you!

It is only available for airlines that send that information to us through one of our data partnerships. Unfortunately, TAP is one airline that currently does not do this.

Thank you for the quick reply. Do you have a list of the companies that provide that data?

Thank you!

The list of airlines that provide data to us varies significantly over time and can also vary depending on the airport. Tracking of a flight also varies by whether the particular aircraft used for that flight is ADS-B equipped and is operating over areas that we have ADS-B ground receiver coverage, which can also change over time. Additionally, flights operating out of areas where we have RADAR coverage (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) will mean a better coverage of flight plans and positions. So it is not possible to characterize or provide a comprehensive list of airlines in that sense.