Data Sent totals



I am running PiAware on a 24 hour basis, out of curiosity is there a record kept on a log somewhere of data submitted over a 24 hour period - or similar?

Just curious as to data use - no problem as I am on unlimited.



The log file at /var/log/piaware.log records how many plane messages were sent to FlightAware. It doesn’t record the actual data sent.

PiAware does have an output feed that you can record or sent to another device for processing.

Also your stats on your my-ADSB page on FlightAware process the information send from your site and displays it in a easy to read format.


Thank you.

The FAQs suggest around 300MB per month.

That is a ball park figure which is what I wanted.



The 300MB figure is for ADSB messages only. MLAT is turned on by default and uses another 300MB a month.

Your my-ADSB stats on FlightAware for today are:
50,119 ADSB messages
1,476 MLAT messages
23,017 other messages

74,612 total messages

You are right near the 300MB/month data usage that is in the FAQ.
300MB is equivalent to about watching 1 show on Netflix.


Thank you for info.

It was more curiosity rather than concern.