Damiross Pictures

I’ve had some interest in the older picture I’ve uploaded. I am going to upload more. I’ll post the ones I upload here.

Today’s uploads are:
Braniff B747-273 N749WA
Aloha BAC 1-11 N15565
Aloha DC-3 N11565
El Al Britannia 4X-AGB
Aloha Viscount N7415
Cimber Air VFW614 OY-ASA
Braniff DC-7C N5903
Northern Air Cargo C-133B N133B
TWA DC-3B-202 N18954
East African VC-10 5H-MMT
American DC-7 N357AA
Frontier DHC-6-300 N983FL
Ports of Call N8257C Convair 990-30A MZJ May 1985
Galaxy N990E Convair 990-30A
ALM DC-9-82 N76823 Continental cheatline
BOAC G-EVCC Comet 4C8 June 1986 PAE
Bangkok Airways PA-31-350 HS-SKG BKK
Royal West BAe 146-100A ATL 2-28-88
Mid Pacific Air F28-4000 N281MP
Millon Air B707-321C MIA N722GS

Those are some great photos! East African VC-10! How about that Ecuatoriana 707 HC-BDP with the ‘Calder-like’ paint design, any info on that one? Was that a Calder design?

Great shots! Awesome to see the Galaxy 990. I was lucky enough to jumpseat on N990E before Galaxy was shut down. Also nice to see a couple of Mid Pac photos. I worked for Mid Pac for a couple of years.

Great photos David, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

My pleasure. I’m glad you guys enjoy the pictures.

I’ve enjoyed scanning the slides for uploading. It’s been many years since I’ve looked at these. I’d forgotten what I had!

Just out of curiosity, how are you scanning the slides? Flat-bed adapter?

I’ve got a Nikon Coolscan V ED film and slide scanner that I treasure, but scanning my slide and film library is tedious in the extreme and I’ve barely made a dent in what’s available.

Flat bed scanner - Canon 4200F. It has a film adapter that holds 2 slides maximum. It is tedious to scan the slides. Taking into account verifying and renaming the slides after scanning, it takes about 3-5 minutes for 2 slides.

Would love to get a a more modern scanner - this one was purchased in 2006. However, I don’t use the scanner that much so I really can’t justify a new one when this one works perfectly fine.

Not to steal David’s thunder, but I just stumbled onto an interesting site featuring scanned images of airline postcards. Lots of old birds.


Great postcards!

Needle…that was one helluva find…wow…the good days of commercial aviation.

I have that same scanner with the two slide adapter, which is exactly why I bought the Nikon in hopes of reducing my workload.

My hats off to you Dave for having the patience to scan all those slides.

Thanks. I’ve enjoyed scanning them. These pictures bring back memories of the times when flying commercially was exciting and not the hassle it is today.

A few more pictures to be uploaded tonight then I take a break. Got a business trip tomorrow and I doubt my boss would allow me to scan during the (boring) meeting. :slight_smile:

Here’s today’s upload

Air Florida L-188C N64405
Alaska B720-062 N720V
Alaska CVR-240 N51331
Alaska DHC-6-300 N100AS
American B727-223A N879AA
Continental/United DC-6B N90961
Eastern B727-225 N8819E
Evergreen L-188A N5535
Flying Tiger CL-44 N452T
Kreutzer Kerit K-5 Air Coach
Metroflight CVR-580 N73108
Metroflight CVR-580 N73145
Metroflight CVR-580 N73167
Southwest B737-3H4 N352SW
Texas International CVR-600 N94230
United Viscount 745D N7457
Westair EMB-110 N219EB

Thanks. Have a good trip, with or without scanning. :laughing:

You’ve got some good ones there David… :wink:

These two in particular were taken at PHX:

American DC-7 N357AA and American B727-223A N879AA

Two different eras and two different airport configurations respectively. But both are taken essentially viewing southward with the eastern end of the South Mtn. ridgeline in view.

Thanks for the update!

I’m new here. Can I get a link to these pictures?


Today’s uploads are mostly pictures I took in Hawaii in the 1980s.

Can you remember when it was okay to walk on the general aviation ramp of a major airport? I do. The pictures below were all taken on the GA side of HNL. Now it is all fenced in and you’d probably get shot if you took pictures through the fence.

Maui Airlines DHC-6 N63128
Maui Airlines PA-31 N59980
Mid Pacific Air YS-11 N908TC (Fort Worth Airlines color scheme)
Mid Pacific YS-11 N107MP
Monarch Aviation Cessna 207 N73467
Odyssey 86 DC-3 C-FGXW
Pacific Air Express Beech 18 N30Y
Pacific Air Express DC-6 N106DH
Panorama Air PA-31 N712AN
Panorama Air PA-31 N7090B
Princeville DHC-6 N701PV
Reeve Air Cessna 402 N99AT
Royal Hawaiian Air Service Cessna 402 N4588Q
Royal Hawaiian Air Service DHC-6 N44693
Scenic Air Tours Beech 18 N342E
Scenic Air Tours Beech 18 N935TX
Semo Heron N714R
Showa Aviation Merlin JA8828
T&G Aviation DC-7 N284
Unknown (private?) PA31 N77066

Dillingham Field (a small GA airport located northwest Oahu)
Ambassador Air C402 N222KC

Cochise Airlines Convair 440 N136CA