Curious altitude change on a UAL flight TUS to DEN 02/12

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I am tracking my girlfriend’s flight this afternoon on United from Tucson to Denver, and I noticed that 10 minutes into the ascend, the altitude changed from 23000 to 37000 ft in one minute, then dropped back down to 28000 ft the next minute… Looks like the flight is so far so good and cruising at 37000. Can someone explain this? I don’t think the A320 would be able to withstand this kind of elevation? (thus… I’m a bit nervous) Thanks! … N/tracklog


This sometimes happens when the flight receives a new altitude clearance from ATC. The newly cleared altitude is interpreted as actual altitude, then the next radar return shows the correct altitude again.

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short n sweet, thanks to both of you for the explanation! I combed through the forum and seems this topic has been brought up in the past as well, apologies for double posting if so. take care.

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