OK, so the q. is what exactley is the law concerning flights to/from the Us and Cuba? I thought that no flights were allowed but, look :laughing:


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“Direct U.S. air charter flights to Cuba are available from three major U.S. cities; Miami, Los Angeles, and New York’s JFK International Airport. Flights from Los Angeles leave once a week and twice a week from New York. The Miami flights are operated by six air charter companies offering the traveler a greater selection of flights.”


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Because of the United States embargo against Cuba, no airlines from the United States are permitted to land there regularly, and so the regular flights from Miami are designated as charters. However, on special occasions, airlines such as United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Continental Airlines have transported passengers from Miami to Havana. Because of Cuba’s relationship with the Soviet Union, the airport during the 1970s and 1980s enjoyed the presence of many Eastern Bloc airline companies.

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Well, is anyone going to answer my question???

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