U.S. to Cuba?


Hi. For many years I’ve heard that there’s no way to fly to Cuba without flying to Mexico, Canada, ect. first. But, it looks like Havana gets a few flight daily from U.S. cities. Here are some of them.
So my question is for one, I know that they’re charters but who is chartering all these flights?


travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_t … _1097.html
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In addition to Havana there’s also flights somewhere less fun - flightaware.com/live/airport/MUGM/arrivals


There are dozens of flights between the US and Cuba daily. Prior to a few months ago the only approved gateway to fly from was Miami. Now a number of other gateways are available but the only ones I’ve seen being used are JFK and TPA (which also have sizeable Cuban populations).


Do any of the majors fly to Havana actually list these flights? Nothing is in the OAG. All I have seen are supplemental carriers making daily trips.


All of the fights are chartered flights so they won’t show in the OAG.


Here’s a list of the only airports in the US authorized to handle charter flights to HAV: ORD, ATL, BWI, DFW, MSY, PIT, TPA, MIA, FLL, SJU, and JFK.

As to who’s chartering the flights, many “universities” and “companies” charter flights. I put these in quotes because in reality there is a wide array of people using these flights, such as tourists (which is technically illegal).

online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142 … 86950.html


The list is out of date. There is currently service by Continental from LAX. Other airports recently approved include IAH,
OAK , and EYW. EYW is limited to aircraft with less than 10 seats.

For a list of 2011 schedules, see marazul.com/flight_others_eng.html (hopefully this will be updated with the 2012 schedules)


Wow, I’m amazed how quickly flights are being added to HAV.