Aerosur charter flights from Miami to Havana

I am unable to track any flights for Aerosur (5L), it’s an airline with more than 7 flights per week from Miami to Cuba. :cry:

Foreign carriers (and registrations) are excluded from our feed from the FAA by default. If the airline would like to be included, please have them contact FlightAware customer service.

thank you.

Do you know a website where I can track those flights ?

crickets :question:

They show up on Miami’s departure listings. Aerosur flies 727s to Cuba. Their 727s will probably soon be phased out due to regulations within Bolivia stating maximum aircraft age. Vision Airlines and King Air are two other airlines with charter flights to Cuba. Local Cuban friends here tell me these flights are ridiculously expensive for a 150 mile flight, all at the expense of families trying to bring goods and money to relatives in Cuba. … otourl=178

They already phased out their only 727 flying to Cuba, I flew on that plane in two trips to Cuba, tickets are around $300. Thanks for your answer.