Do you think that once Fidel Castro dies in a couple of months, that flights to Cuba from the US will be legal? If so, what airline will be the first to have sched services? (Besides ae atr flts from MIA-HAV)


I don’t think that the problem will be fully solved once Castro dies, but if and when flights to Cuba become possible I’m sure that AA and US Airways will jump and maybe Continental and Sun Country.


Havana, Cuba


dbaker, please see topic starter…

Besides ae atr flts from MIA-HAV)


I don’t think relations with Cuba will improve once Castro dies. His brother, Raul, is in line to take over and he is more of a hardliner than Fidel is. Raul is known to hate America, has personally overseen mass executions, and is an ardent supporter of communism.,11069-2294113,00.html


I’d be willing to bet that dbaker was referring to:


I think Daniel was just pointing out that you can see flights to Cuba on FlightAware under the ICAO code of MUHA; the OP only mentioned the IATA code (HAV).


Interesting. I see Cuba Air flies B767’s. I thought US embargoes prevented US companies from selling to Cuban companies.



Who said they didn’t buy it used from a foreign carrier?

EDIT: Looked a little further into it, and I couldn’t find any Cuba Air, but I know Cubana flies mainly Russian planes, and used to fly a 737 and 2 DC-10’s, all of which were bought from Spanish or French airlines.


According to JP Airline Fleets 2006/07, Cubana operates the following:
1 ATR42-500 leased from/operated by Aerogaviota (a Cuban airline)
6 AN-24RV
6 YAK-42D (1 leased from Tartarstan, 1 leased from Karat, and 1 leased from Volga Aviaexpress - these are all Russian companies)
4 IL-62M
4 IL-96-300 (2 lease from Ilyushin Finance, 2 to be leased from Ilyushin in 2006 and 2007)

The following are on order for delivery in 2006/2007:
1 TU-204-100S
2 TU-204-100

Cubana used to wet lease* a DC-10 from AOM (a French charter airline)

*A wet lease is when an airline leases not only the aircraft but also the crew and the maintenance is performed by the company leasing the aircraft)


It looks like quite a few AOM DC-10’s operated Cubana flights. (Read the comments)

And here’s the 737 I was talking about: (again, read the comments)


I should have looked closer. It was Cubana Air with the 767. And of course- they likely bought them from another carrier.


Nice country. Little odd being there but they like tourest, they have no problem with us being there. ugh…not that I’ve gone… :open_mouth:


It’s most likely being flown by Air Europa (read the comment):