Crop duster crash that stopped the trains

My friend put this one down hard after hitting telephone and powerlines, and ended squarely on a high traffic railroad line. … 9905140333

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your friend Bruce.

Thank you so much, and he is doing nicely. The crash is always scary enough, but ending up on a highly traveled train track would certainly add to your interest. He didn’t know all that since he was unconscious until he got in the ambulance. He went home that night, didn’t stay in the hospital, cracked rib, cut head.

Thanks again.

I’m so glad he is okay. Sounds like it could have been much worse.

Your thoughts are appreciated, thank you. He’s doing fine. The paper reported today that the city Police Department hadn’t given him a ticket yet. I’m thinking, gosh, just how lucky can you get? He had a son who worked for them. Maybe they’ll think of something, and add that to his woes, as if he didn’t have enough.

Perhaps he can appease them with doughnuts? :laughing:

Wonderful idea! It sure works for others!

Thanks, God bless.