Could French Labor troubles hurt Airbus' delivery schedules?


With all the political and labor unrest surrounding the new French labor law, how much of it will affect Airbus? While a general strike may not include A’s employees, there is talk of a trucking and rail strike. Wouldn’t that cut off vital supply lines of parts, etc.? I would think the timing couldn’t be worse, since A just announced a slight delay in A380 deliveries for Emirates (not to mention the push to get certified), as well as all the pressure being put on them for design improvements for the A350. Any thoughts or ideas from those who ar more knowledgeable than me? :unamused: :question: :unamused: :question:


Wow…Either there’s nobody out there more knowledgeable than me, or noone gives a sh*t. Um, I’ll take the second one. :wink:


I’ll take the second choice. The reason i dont care is because i hate airbus (sorry to whoever i offend). I hope the A380 fails and never comes over here to America. The plane is a very bad idea and i guarantee will cause trouble down the road (already has).



I don’t think the lack of replies is a matter of hating (or loving) Airbus. More likely, the subject matter is too far off the beaten track. We’ll discuss FA features, individual flights, airports and airplanes all day long. But international economics of the airline industry? Probably not.


I myself am a Boeing fan, although I hold no ill will towards Airbus, excluding arrogant claims made by even more arrogant CEOs. They’re just trying to compete in a lucrative (albeit tumultuous) global market. Both companies build a better product because of the competition. :wink:


While I realize the subject of this thread may be a little deeper than some of us can either understand or be able to foretell, I don’t think it’s irrelevant to the airlines that are counting on these deliveries. After posting it, I realized I probably should have posted it under “Airlines,” although it is every bit a piece of aviation news. As far as irrelevance is concerned, are threads like “Have you sat next to a celebrity” or “What’s your favorite flying song” MORE RELEVANT?! :confused:


Well, the point is moot as Chirac killed the new labor law.

But, absent a broad general transportation strike, the labor unrest would have had little untoward effect on EADS.

A general transportation strike would have brought things to a screeching halt however, as EADS is famous for their JIT (Just In Time) delivery of parts to the assembly plants.




Your point on “depth” is possibly valid, in the sense that it may be deeper than what most of us ordinarily want to discuss. Your point on “relevance” is likely to be, shall I say, irrelevant.

People respond in forums to topics that are ‘relevant’ to themselves. Current and future features of FA seem to relevant to everyone. Personal experiences are items most of us like to share, as are ‘oddities’ that one stumbles across while digging through flight data here.

As for “favorite flying songs”, etc., it’s whatever rocks your boat. I didn’t respond there, but I’m not going to berate anyone who did.

“the subject of this thread may be a little deeper than some of us can either understand or be able to foretell” Not at all. It’s just peripheral to why most of us access FA. Do you want to get into technical analysis of BA stock? We could do that, but why label those who choose not to participate as “unable to understand”? It wouldn’t be true.

What do you consider more important to the future of American society: a CNN panel discussion of Global Warming or the way Elliot sings on ‘American Idol’? CNN has the ‘depth’, but American Idol overwhelmingly has the ratings. Are all the Idol fans incapable of understanding global warming? No, it’s simply an expression of how they like to be entertained in their leisure time.

As to most of the 50,000 members of FA who aren’t responding here, just consider that the economics of the airline industry is not high on the list of reasons they visit the discussion forums and leave it like that. You don’t have to insult their ability to understand or to foretell. You’d be wrong.


OK, it’s obviously time to put this one to bed. One last point to makefirst. Toby, I respect and appreciate your opinion, but you missed the point of my thread AND my response entirely. If you’d read my own reply to the original post, you’d know I wasn’t trying to insult anyone at all. My point was that the issue was as relevant (or more) to aviation as many of the threads here. If you take that as an insult, you need thicker skin, my friend. When I said “deeper than some here care to go” or however I worded it, it didn’t mean that noone is CAPABLE of going deeper, just that many choose not to, and that’s fine. I don’t take your criticisms personally; I just want the chance to respond, and that’s what makes this forum nice. Read the thread again w/out any paranoia of someone trying to insult your intelligence, and see what I mean. No hard feelings, at least on my end. I look forward to chatting w/ you in the future. :unamused: :smiley:


P.S. Personally, I’d watch the CNN panel on Global Warming, because I’m kind of a newhound/geek whatever you prefer…and I have “Idol” shoved down my throat by my wife each week! :angry:


No hard feelings, planeaholic. Fwiw, ‘Idol’ is not my cup of tea. In fact, television has been pretty sad for years, which leads me to be somewhat of a netaholic. There are many other things in life, too, besides computers. :slight_smile: