Airbus vs. Boeing 2006


And the “No $#!+ Sherlock!” headline of the year award goes to…


w00!! go boeing


Planemaker Airbus to report its first annual loss



Come on, be more creative than that.


How so? What should I have done differently?


I don’t know. Just sounded good.


I dunno, “AIRBUS DOWN!!!” gets people’s attention.


I give that one a 6.5.


“They’ve seen the rest, now they are buying the best!”




Boeing Pummels European Rival In Manufacturing Smackdown!



I knew you had it in you!


Tank ya, tank ya, tank ya…


A380 wiring problems have been solved, says Airbus


Does anybody know if UPS got their order cancellation in yet? I wonder if maybe Airbus is just saying that to save the UPS order.


I haven’t heard a “for sure” answer on the UPS order yet, but I AM sure that they’ve made up their mind(s) by now, and no wiring solution will change their decision, whatever it may be. If I had to bet on it, I’d say the waiting list for A380s is about to get 10 frames shorter.