One Less A380 Operator - UPS


Report: UPS cancels its order for Airbus A380
Note that this is still a rumor:

Business daily Les Echos cited unidentified sources as saying that United Parcel Service Inc. would cancel its order for 10 A380s next week. Such a move has long been rumored.

Airbus spokeswoman Barbara Kracht said today that she had no information about a possible cancellation. UPS officials in France would not comment on the report.

Don’t change that channel! Stay tuned for further information.


What’s that sound I keep hearing? Is that money falling in my pocket???


I posted this on the A380…AGAIN discussion.

…but you did beat me by 3 minutes. (jerk) :smiling_imp:

Those quotes about how “good” the plane is and how “great” the market is (with a net of ZERO orders if this is true) are golden! Also, I love how it’s noted that this may actually be *good *news, as it allows Airbus to catch up on its delayed passenger orders… I love twisted, “You’re too dumb to know better” marketing strategies.

Congratulations, Airbus!!