Contrail Photography


Hello All,
I came across this site several weeks ago and enjoy it very much!
One of the first pages that I viewed included some wonderful pictures of commercial jets at altitude taken from the ground with some sort of telescope mounted to a camera.
The contributor may have been from England.
Regardless, can someone direct me to these photos as I cannot find them …
Thank you very much!


Does your Internet browser have a history you can look back on?


…I think I know what you mean – I have had some contact (e-mail) with a guy from England that posts his images on flickr and I asked how he could get such captures…at the time he was interested in getting a shot of the Air New Zealand “All Blacks”…he had seen my shots and had contacted me somehow about that…

Later I checked his images and he has a lot…!
I haven’t taken any such shots, it’s hard from S. Cal…it’s hard from anywhere – trying to frame and follow with a super-long tele…?! – …and get a steady enough exposure…!


It was weeks ago when I came across those photos.
Thanks for the suggestion.


Hmm, maybe it was flicker, but it must have been a link followed from here.
Thanks! I’ll search there…


I searched flicker and quickly found the photographer/photos.
Not sure if it is proper to provide a link to his flicker page, but he is from the Netherlands.


…ok – cool…I did the same and found several…it’s cool to post links to/from flickr, no worries…

…here’s a recent from a polish guy – I do remember from Planespotters that I saw shots from Poland…

(I tested link – it shows just one picture of a Thai Air A380)


Very nice shots.

Would the photographer be using an astronomical telescope mount with a motorized drive to assist in tracking the aircraft?


All right then, here is a link to the flicker page.
As one can see from the top of the page, it features an “Astro Professional” telescope.


Do a Google search “jet contrails” (quotation marks not needed) then select images below the search box.


There are a number of Flickr groups devoted to aircraft spotting. Here’s one link to the Contrails group. Enjoy.


One user has posted a lot of contrail images at .

Another user is .


Thank you all!


There are a number of Photographers who follow this hobby. :smiley:
Here are some shots from me.



…great shots, Mike…I’ve been thinking about what the process of capturing images like that might be like or would require…not an easy thing to do…you’d have to have the equivalent of, at least, a 2000mm lens, no…? – …and to frame the plane and get an acceptable exposure before it’s too late seems…very, very difficult…
An impressive feat in my opinion…


Hi ,
There are a few hobby photographers doing this.
Here are a few from me.

Mike. UK.


…yes, those were the ones you linked to and the ones I looked at…


Uh, EXCUSE ME!! Those are NOT contrails. Those are CHEMTRAILS! Any self respecting, tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist would be able to clearly see that!


Very funny but NSFW!!!


I also want to do something like that! You inspired me, but what about these tips I’m interested in your opinion!