3 engines


Hi i was outside about an hour ago when a 747 flew over, i saw the contrails and there were only 3 engines on (i think) 2 on the right 1 on the left do you think there was a problem. I didn’t find out where it was going because the computer was busy. Any ideas?


I just found it (i think) Air China 982 the track goes right near my house in VT.


Please use a link to the flight number. It helps others to find the flight easier.

Air China 982 would have been at 31,000 by the time in was near the BTV area. Are you sure it was a 747? In any case, you may not have been able to see the 4th contrail depending on the angle at which you were looking at it.

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If they had an engine out, you wouldn’t have seen it continuing on its way. I’m sure they had all four up and running, and it must have just looked as though three were running.

I mean, it’s not like they’re BA. :wink:


Yeah, it sounds like the plane may be pitched to the left, so the engines (i.e. contrails) would appear to be closer to one-another, which could very well make them appear to be one. How about this: Would the rudder cause the air to “blur” the contrails on the left side if the plane were turning left? I’m thinking physics here, and it would kinda make sense. A cookie to the first person who knows the answer. :smiley:


I was under the impression the rudder shouldn’t be deflected up that high and at that speed, and if it is, not enough to cause enough airflow disruption to make a difference to the contrails.


Okay, Newark777 wins, because I wasn’t thinking straight…too much sun this weekend. Cookies don’t fare well when shipped, so you’ll have to make your way to Ohio to get it…(Did I not mention that?) :wink: …Unless internet “cookies” are your thing.


Haha, I’ll take an I-owe-you. :wink:


I didn’t have a straight angle look but it was pretty darn close to it.


You could have seen three for a variety of reasons, and engine failure is not probably up there. Two on one side could have mixed together, to give the impression of three, for example. We just don’t know; contrails do some crazy things.




Wow good pics. But the world may never know. And i’m not saying it was an engine out but maybe one wasn’t working like the others? I Don’t Know


If one wasn’t working properly, the pilots would know and shut it down, and probably divert, especially since they were still close to major cities over North America. China is a long way to go on three engines.


Your right. I’m just not thinking straight


I think the aircraft was producing chemtrails from three of the four engines. You Coast to Coast AM fans out there will know what I’m talking about. For the rest of you, see peruse the Coast to Coast AM web page.


I thought only the Black Helicopters left chemtrails? :wink:



Yep, I guess even covert government agencies in charge of chemically sedating the masses have to deal w/ the occasional budget cuts. :wink: