Continental / 5 others face trial in Concorde Crash...

Continental Airlines and five people will stand trial over the 2000 Concorde crash near Paris which killed 113 people, French judicial officials say.

The five are said to be two employees of Continental Airlines, two from Concorde maker Aerspatiale, and the French civilian aviation authority.

BBC News Story

ASN Concorde Crash details

N13067 Continental DC-10-30 ex-Alitalia/Eastern A/L later scraped.

F-BTSC Concorde c/n 203

Concorde Website full history of Concorde . . .


I see in the articles about this that they always mention that “safety rules” dictate that the part should have been aluminum.
Is this the French talking or does the FAA mandate that this part be aluminum and nothing else? … lames1.jpg

I used this picture to drive home a point about a f.o.d. free airfield when I would teach new hires. I know people want some sort of componsation for this, but how can anyone honestly say “CO made the f.o.d. fall off that 10” I just know a piece from something man made, fell off and was hit by something else man made resulting in what we know happened. It is tragic, will someone pay for it…yes because that is what always happens in situations like this. That piece could have been hit by any other aircraft and the result would have been different. It just happened that all the factors fell into alignment that this is how Concorde would meet her end.

I was also trying to remember another incident with BA out of IAD and came across this: … 19810219-0

I could not locate any docs. about the BA incident, but I know it happened…it is mentioned in articles linked to the “Big one”, but my Dad has a picture of the BA bird on rotation out of Dulles, the new engines had brite orange paint on their exhaust pipes. I also remember that at that time my Mom working as a security guard at IAD had a shift guarding the area where the work was being done…it was a pretty big deal around the airport.