connecting to multiple wifi networks with piaware?

Is there a way to configure piaware to look for more than one wifi network? Ideally, I’m looking for a way to configure piaware so that if it can’t find one of the wifi networks, it just connects to the other one(s) that it has SSIDs and passwords for. I’m not sure I really need super-fancy stuff like prioritizing and/or reversion, but even being able to just pick from more than one at boot time would be a big help.

I’m a little ashamed to ask this as I do networking for a living, but I don’t do much at the host/server/linux level and what little linux networking I do know is almost exclusively wired, so I don’t know the wifi stuff at all. ;-(

I’ve spent a couple hours with google and it looks (at least to me) like there’s enough specific stuff done in piaware that a “standard” linux/raspbian approach won’t work here? I tried putting multiple network config blocks into the wpa_roam.conf files, but it looks as if fa_config_generator just wipes these out on reboot (as commented, thank you to whoever did that).

Anyway - I’d appreciate any help here. :wink:

The piaware sdcard image really only tries to handle the simplest configuration cases; for wifi that means one SSID. If you need to handle multiple SSIDs, I’d go with a regular Raspbian install with wifi configured by hand for your environment, and piaware/dump1090-fa installed via packages (see