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Is their anyway to have PIAware make use of 2 wifi credentials on the config file, Im only asking as I plan on using a PI as a mobile one to use when on holidays and at my mother in laws who lives on a massive hill and has unobstructed views through 180 deg and it would save messing around editing the config file everytime I plan on going out and about so to speak.

Check out this tutorial, you can specify multiple networks.

I don’t have the raspberry os installed just piaware

The piaware image uses the Raspbian PI OS Bullseye for your system.

To make is easier for you:
Edit in the piaware config text as described on PiAware - build your own ADS-B ground station for integration with FlightAware - FlightAware

Then you need to add the addtional lines to the config file:

wireless-ssid MyWifiNetwork <-----replace MyWifiNetwork with the name of your WiFi (aka the SSID of your local network)
wireless-password s3cr3t <-----replace s3cr3t with the password to your WiFi

So first your own network and then anther set of lines for the wi-fi network of your mother in law.
Save the file, reboot and check if the system is active again.
When you are at your mother in law’s place it shoud detect the other network and also be active ( you will have to check it on site).

That was my first thought, I added both sets to the config file, but then booted up pi and It wouldn’t connect to my home network.

I might try to put the 2nd set at the bottom of the file under additional section, see it that works

An alternative is to activate the needed network when you are there.
If you put a # in front of the second set it will be there (but not active) but remain present in the config file.

Then you only have to swap the # on the two lines when you switch locations.
A bit more hassle but may that is an option ?

I don’t use the SD card image like you have so I always set network settings in the OS as listed in my first reply.

Yeah thats what I was trying to avoid, but I might have to try an OTG Card reader for myphone and add/remove the # as nessessary if it cant be done by adding 2 lots of network profiles

Just don’t use the piaware sd-card image if you have specialist requirements.

You can have a normal Raspbian image going fairly quickly:
Raspbian Lite: ADS B receiver · wiedehopf/adsb-wiki Wiki · GitHub

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