Connect ADS-B Trafic Reciever Kit to iPad ForeFlight

I have the ADS-B Traffic Receiver Kit- Raspberry Pi Stratux NooElec NESDR for my experimental aircraft.

How do I connect to my iPad running ForeFlight? Bluetooth, how do I configure?

I don’t have any experience of Stratux or ForeFlight. Found these by Googling. May help.

(1) This web page:

(2) Video

(the video is set to start at 4:20 minutes. If you want to see from start, drag the cursor to left)

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The stratux software make a Wifi AP called “stratux”. You connected your iPad to the access point and start up ForeFlight and you should see planes and other information.

If the AP is not showing up then something is wrong with your stratux.

There is no “stratux”. I can access the system using an RJ45 but not on Wifi.

Gordon Cross

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No stratus on wifi. RJ45 works

My guess is that the stratux is running the wifi in client mode instead of AP mode.

The logs are usually in /var/log/syslog or dmesg.

When I login through RJ45 PIAware doesn’t appear to be running.

I have flashed version 3.5.3 twice.

Where do I find the logs?

cat /var/log/piaware.log

sudo systemctl status piaware -l

Where do I find the logs? Linux? Attach a monitor & keyboard and log into Linux? Are those commands? Should it be connected to the internet?


You can give these commands through SSH from your computer which is on same LAN (local area network)/Router to which you have connected Stratux Pi by internet cable RG45.

Since SSH is disabled by default, first thing you have to do is to enable it.

To enable it, insert the microSD card in a card reader, and plug the card reader into a computer. Double click the drive letter of micoSD card. This will open the boot partition of the card. In boot partition, create a new file named “ssh” or “ssh.txt” (without quotes). Remove microSD card from computer, slip it into Pi, and power up. Now SSH will be enabled.

Next step is to SSH to Pi from your computer.

If your computer is Mac or Linux, you can SSH to Pi by opening terminal of your Mac/Linux computer, and give following command in the terminal:
ssh pi@ip-of-pi
where ip-of-pi is Local IP of your Pi and will be something similar to .
Username: pi
Password: raspberry

If your computer is Windows, then you to SSH, you have to download and install SSH software called PuTTY, and through PuTTY give commands to Stratux/Pi.



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I have already wasted enough time and money on the kit. I have sent it back.

Thanks for your support.

Gordon Cross

Security Software TL