Coloring planes according to signal level

Hello everyone,

after playing around a bit with visualizing signal levels i wanted to share with you guys.
It looks like this:

If anyone is interested i will provide a short HOWTO in the next post.


Signalview HOWTO

This should work for both the package install as well as the sd-card image.
It depends on one of the newer versions of dump1090-fa.

# Install git if not already installed
sudo apt-get install git

# Clone the modified html folder
sudo git clone /usr/share/dump1090-fa/signalview

# Back up lighttpd conf just in case
cp /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf ~

# Configure lighttpd
sudo nano /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

Insert the following after the first block of information:

alias.url += (
  "/signal/data/" => "/run/dump1090-fa/",
  "/signal" => "/usr/share/dump1090-fa/signalview/"

Save and exit with CTRL-O and CTRL-X.

#restart lighttpd
sudo systemctl restart lighttpd

You should now be able to extend the address of your normal webview like this:

If anyone is brave enough to try let me know how it goes :wink:

Restoring the old lighttpd conf from the backup:

sudo cp ~/lighttpd.conf /etc/lighttpd/

Edit1: thank you for the correction regarding the git address


Wrote piaware-sd-card-3.6.3.img to microSD card

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y git

sudo git clone /usr/share/dump1090-fa/signalview

cp /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf ~

sudo nano /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

#Inserted following four lines after the first block of information, saved and closed file

alias.url += (
  "/signal/data/" => "/run/dump1090-fa/",
  "/signal" => "/usr/share/dump1090-fa/signalview/"

sudo systemctl restart lighttpd




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The mystery deepens! :wink:

Also interesting that you seem to have no weak signals, i guess it’s a setup without much if any filtering?

The mystry is deeper than you think.

  1. The Antena is low gain mag-mount.

  2. I have twin filters !
    One is FA external Filter and another is SAW filter inside Pro Stick Plus!


Excellent, thanks very much!

@Akissack looks very nice!
Any wishes regarding the color scale or something else? (RSSI is now present in table on the right and on hover)

If you want you can edit config.js to change the color scale.
Currently running this block:

            h: [ { alt: -36,  val: 20 },  
                     { alt: -32,  val: 30 },
                     { alt: -5,  val: 310 },
                     { alt: -1, val: 400 } ], 

But what i started was and is simplest:

            h: [ { alt: -33,  val: 20 },  
                     { alt: -1, val: 360 } ], 

It’s a little tricky to figure a nice color gradient.

The RSSI is also an average of the last 4 seconds so it doesn’t quite jump around as bad.

You introduced the thick bar on top which i don’t like :slight_smile:
Oh well if you need it for your scripts that can’t be helped!
At this point i think we will never know what was different about the old install.
Also anything you would like to see?

I’ll probably make another git with my standard version as well and start taking request regarding making the new info box smaller / save some space for small screens.

@wiedehopf nice work, I am going to look into the coding you have done as I would like to incorporate a coloured trail (based on RSSI) into my current set up (retaining aircraft images and aircraft colours (where I only use 3 colours: intersting a/c, others and MLAT)


The code changes for the RSSI colored trails are ugly, i just store in segment.altitude instead of naming it properly. Was too lazy to change the name.

If you tell me the color for the airplanes you want and what constitutes “interesting” i can incorporate that into a branch and you can get it via git if you want.

Thanks. I’ve had a look and seen that. I’ve added into my set up and am happy. will just make it an optional feature now.

I use a bespoke data source that has an extra setting/flag, but these are predominantly military, government and emergency service aircraft

The problem with making it an optional feature is that you need to reload the page anyway so the tracks from history are colored correctly.
Or you could save rssi and altitude in the segments i guess and switch which is displayed.

Hmm maybe i should get on that :slight_smile:
Then i only need to find out how i make a button in the webinterface to toggle some javascript variable.

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Any chance of RSSI from dump978, or is that missing from the demodulator?