Color blind pilots???


Subject line is the only way I can think of an airliner landing on a taxiway (blue lights) vs a runway (white lights) … index.html

Even then, pilot and co-pilot not seeing white lights for the runway, sure is awefully strange.



Thats the first I’ve heard of this incident. I cannot fathom how this can happen. It’s actually harder to imagine because it was at night. At dusk or dawn the runway markings are hard to see until you’re right upon them, but with the lights on it should have been quite obvious. (sounds like another recent accident, no?)
They’re damn lucky there were no airplanes taxiing on or onto that taxiway!

(I’ve landed on taxiways on purpose before, once at OSH arriving for Airventure when the taxiway is a temporary parallell runway and once at CRE (Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand) when the runway was under construction, same deal.




WHERE THE HELL WAS THE CO-PILOT, or was the flight attendant serving the last meal. Actually that doesn’t happen any more!!! Great team work by the flight crew