Cloning SD card with rpi-clone

I am about ready to make a backup copy of the RPi SD card to an SD card in a USB dongle using rpi-clone. In another thread @abcd567 described how to do this. However he didn’t mention whether he stopped on-going processes like dump1090-fa while the cloning is going on. Should other processes be stopped ? I think the cloning would be faster if you did. But which processes should be stopped – probably at least dump1090-fa and piaware. But what about graphs1090 for example.

Another question – does rpi-clone show any status or progress while the cloning is being performed, or is it silent?


I do this regularly on my PiAware and don’t stop anything. The time is dependent on the number of files that changed more than anything else. I wouldn’t worry about stopping things.

Use the -v parm (verbose) and it will display file names as it goes. That’s the closest I’ve found to a progress tracker.

Ok, and thanks for reminding about the verbose flag.

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