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Classic view of Wellington, New Zealand drawn completely wro

On the Classic view of the city of Wellington, New Zealand (the capital of New Zealand) they have drawn the outline completely wrong. The way it is drawn on the Classic view completely cuts of the location of Wellington Int’l Airport NZWN and it also cuts off the entire city of Wellington! You can see the incorrect drawing of the airport and city if you overlay Earth view. If you do not overlay Earth view you get a false impression of where the planes are. Why did they do this? :question: :unamused: :open_mouth:

Heh, yeah, they’ve lost the whole harbour!

The coast outline in that whole area is pretty bad actually - apparently everything south of the Ngauranga Gorge has fallen into the sea, Kapiti is in the wrong place, much of the coastline is off by 10km or more. It’s really obvious if you look at the “earth view”.

The large offset in the coastline (look around Auckland and the Bay of Islands especially) makes me wonder if it’s a projection problem…