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Hi res maps seem to have gone

I’m not sure whether what I saw was by design, or by accident, but a few days back I read the update message talking about the new features and was able to see hi res maps (as in, where you could zoom down to airport scale). However, when I try to go there now, I just get the standard two views (Classic, Earth View). It doesn’t matter which part of the world I view either.

Are the hi res maps only designed to be viewable by customers with commercial accounts, or should they be working for general accounts?

At this point, we only have a license for satellite imagery for commercial/premium customers.


What about allowing the synthetic maps at least, to the same scale? Or are they covered by the same license agreement? The coastlines are far more accurate with those.

It has the same license requirements at this point unfortunately.

That’s a shame. The coastline here in New Zealand is dreadful on the classic maps, and is up to 3NM out of place in some areas. This places some of our airports in the water. Using earth view is slightly better, but still draws the same coastline from classic maps, so it feels unfinished.