CJ2 aborts take-off - has gear fire, all okay . . .


This incident occurred on Sept. 15 departing Jersey in the UK.
The local rumor mill is the aircraft attempted to depart with the parking brake engaged. I will update if/when more info is available.

News Report from Jersey Evening Post.

Two people escaped unharmed after their plane caught fire when they were forced to abort take-off at Jersey Airport.

The undercarriage of the Citation Two jet, which was en route to Newquay, burst into flames seconds after the pilot apparently braked hard when the aircraft failed to gain enough power to leave the ground.

The pilot manoeuvred the plane off the runway before two tires burst. Firefighters from the airport were called out and quickly extinguished the fire. The runway was closed to allow debris to be cleared from the scene.

The Air Accident Investigation Board was notified and gave authority for the aircraft to be moved. An investigation into the incident will be launched.