Emergency Declared at KJFK.


This morining FRL12 declared an emergency with brake problems. He has now succesfully landed at KJFK and they are checking the brakes. You won’t find this anywhere else right now! Just heard it happen on JFK ATC.


Go figure…Freedom


My one and only experience with them was an aborted take off. Fortunately the brakes were working that day.


I don’t quite get it??? How does one know they have brake problems in the air???

Wouldn’t they run off of hydrolic (sp?) systems and affect other flight control systems?


Don’t most jets automatically apply the brakes while retracting/retracted? Maybe low pressure was detected while flying along in the flight levels.



Brake hydraulics are usually split from flight controls. Flight controls (if they are even hydraulic) have backup hydraulic systems. Brakes tend to have pneumatic (N2) backup.


It depends on if it was a CRJ or ERJ. In the CRJ, the flight controls are also hydraulic. However the flight controls run off all 3 hydraulic systems while the brakes only run off 2. The inboards on 1 the outboards on the other. So if they had 1 system fail they would lose some brakes. Also they could of had an anti-skid problem but with JFK’s long runways, niether should be a problem. Als0, the CRJ’s do not have a pneumatic backup. They only use hydraulic.