CitationShares LLC CJ3's


It appears that the CJ3’s are getting changed to CJ1’s somewhere in the processing. All of them use the callsign FIV4** and their aircraft type is a C25B. I know that they are filing correctly because (a) I am an Air Traffic Controller and (b) my wife is a Captain at CS. Since this is a pretty new model from Cessna, does it have to be added to a database for recognition?


In our database C25B is CJ3 and we don’t change type codes. What flight numbers are you seeing with the type incorrect?


CitationShares 405 & 406. In fact, 405 has changed its type within a week. The others apear to be fine, must be FSS or someone that does not know what a CJ3 is typing it in.


I thought they may be filing as C25B and the controller is changing it to C525 at departure, but looking through the logs the filed flight plan and departure mesage both say C525 for FIV406.