Hey guys, I was just a little curious about CitationAir (or CitationShares as it was onces known as). Any celebs or high rollers fly with them? I remember them coming into my FBO at VNY all the time but I don’t remeber them ever having anyone I would recognize. I just remember that the pilots were pretty cool and that they would fly a lot.

Recognize this guy?

Who really cares? The reason they would fly privately, besides not wanting to rub shoulders with the unwashed masses, is to have some privacy.

I know that the women on Rutgers basketball team certainly do!

I wonder how many of them own a fractional jet share? or make 8 figures, own two central park penthouse apartments, or a $30Million seaside compound, or New Mexico ranch. Frankly, could you even name one of them? or run a cancer charity for kids with cancer? or have spent 40 years and their personal fortune helping the less fortunate?

And yet every five years or so he apparently feels the need to shoot himself in the foot! :unamused:

Imus is a paid sponsor for citation air, but he also owns a share of NetJets.
He discussed it recently on his show.

Imus flight

Just like NetJets, Flight Options, Avantair, XOJet, Citation Air does have some well known passengers. Out of respect for their privacy they don’t talk about it. Several are public spokesmen for the company like Neil Armstrong and Michael Phelps.