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Vesey Air

I do not know so I am asking… :blush: Is Vesey Air a Fractional, or what? I cannot find much about them. It seems they have alot of aircraft all over. Can anyone tell me anything?


The few things that I know about them is they fly a few King Air’s in the St. Louis area, and the state of Missouri for Arch Air Medical. It is a company that has some 8 helicopters for medical air evac service in Saint Louis, and a few King Air’s for hauling long distances.

Well will get a King Air 300 flying of thier’s from South Florida to Central Florida on a regular bases.

I also see them flying in and out of Concord/Statesville NC to Nascar races.

Vesey Air LLC is just another name for GECC (General Electric Credit Corp) a leasing company. Other names they use are CFS Air LLC, GC Air LLC, AVN Air LLC and Canal Air LLC among others.

Are those names the names of individual leasees? Even though GECC may hold title to the plane, companies like Vesey Air or Canal Air may be the actual operating companies.

Nope, they are different operators - for example, N404VL is operated by The Drax Group and N517AM is operated by aaiPharma.

Trust me, I used to track all these birds for a living until my “services were no longer required” :imp:

Aren’t we saying the same thing, ukguy?

GECC may own the plane, but the name shown by FA, whether Vesey or Canal, is the operator (= lessee, = airline).

You’re not saying the same thing. There are a lot of aircraft registered to GC Air LLC. There’s one here in Seattle that is owned and operated by a company that is in no way related to the others registered to GC Air.

I am showing Vesy to be the “registered owner” for 44 aircraft.

One of those is N268WS a Lear 60. The aircraft is operated by Winged Foot Services, also known as DayJet…yes the Eclipse folks.

I always wonder if these holding companies are there to make it easier to repo the airplane if the owner doesn’t pay his bills. For instance, once Winged Foot pays the aircraft off, will they actually re-register the aircraft as Winged Foot, DayJet, or some dba Deleware Co.? Or is there a completely different reason these aircraft stay registered to Vesey, GE Capital, and so on?

It’s just like buying a car and getting financing. Who ever is financing is holding the note on the aircraft. Thats why you see GECC or Wells Fargo as an owner of so many aircraft. They hold the note until the airframe is paid off, then the bank will issue a lien release to the FAA and then the “lessee” is made the actual owner.

Don’t a lot of people have aircraft operating in the names of holding companies for tax purposes? So, even if the aircraft is paid off, it’s still in the holding company’s name (I’m not talking about aircraft that are leased.)

Exactly, “high net worth” individuals establish a corporation to “own” the aircraft, thereby insulating themselves in the event of a mishap. The company name usually has nothing to do with the individual or the actual owner but, with a look at the FAA database, you can get an address for the registered owner. Then search for that address on Google, etc…and often, with some snooping, you can get an idea of who the actual owner might be. Unless of course it’s Vesey or Wells Fargo or any number of other finance companies.

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When it is Vesy or Wells Fargo, you just have to look at the Security agreement filed with the FAA and it spells out the Who, What and Where.

Are the security agreements available on the web?

i don’t know about Canal Air but N500RP used to be Roger Penske’s group

Sorry to resurrect up an old topic but, while looking for operators of certain aircraft I’ve ran into those, namely GC Air and AVN Air. Is there any way that I can find out who is operating any one of of their aircraft? For example, I’ve googled N316SS to the death and still can’t find out the operator. Thanks.

faa.gov/about/office_org/he … _IGA_A.pdf (Page 99 of the pdf)
N316SS Operated by Redleaf Management Company

I have that document in Excel, I thought Redleaf was just another holding company that still doesn’t say who really flies the plane. Unless its Redleaf’s company jet. Not much info on them either, maybe just another gray company, made to hold the jet.

I searched some of our airplanes in this - One is registered to Vesey Air, one is registered to Wachovia (neither are the actual owner) however we are shown as the operator - so Redleaf SHOULD in theory be operating this airplane N316SS but it is probably owned by another company.