Cirrus 'Vision SJ50' - The Jet has a new name . . .

Roll out complete, aircraft is being prepared for taxi test,
first flight should be very soon . . .

FAA Registry N280CJ Model Name: SJX ‘The Jet’ c/n 0001 certificate registered June 10 2008.

AvWeb Photos of N280CJ

Cirrus ‘The Jet’ Official News Releases

According to Cirrus aircraft number 1, is being called ‘V1’.

It is a non-conforming aircraft, 3 additional ‘The Jet’s’ will be added to the test program, and those 3 will all be the final conforming aircraft.

If aircraft pases all its static tests today, (confirmation everything is too specifications), then the aircraft will be handed over to the flight test group.

The V1?? I believe that’s a bit of a marketing no-no!

Maybe they’re just being honest. The aircraft flys its-self, sometimes crashes enroute, probably will run out of fuel, and the pilot/payload is just along for the ride. :smiling_imp:

Guess honesty is the best policy till you have to sell something.

I still have yet to see any info on the avionics. My guess would be L3, at least I hope so.

For development, it’s L3’s SmartDeck; for production it could something else (L3, Garmin, Avidyne, maybe Honeywell). Given the hype around Cirrus Perspective by Garmin, I’d guess G1000.

Speculation is rife. “L3’s SmartDeck has been chosen as the avionics package for the development phase of the Jet. For production Jets it is possible that customers will be able to choose from avionics packages made by L3, Garmin, or Avidyne, and possibly even Honeywell.”

Quoted remark is as reported by almost everyone, so there must be a grain of truth there. Given the near universal acceptance of the Garmin G1000 as the glass cockpit, including in the SR22GTS and Turbo “Perspective” models, one wonders if it won’t in fact become the “standard” offering in the Jet.

My guess is that L3 will be standard with an option for the Perspective. Although from reading my latest AOPA pilot, Avidyne now introduced there own FMS product. It will be an interesting couple of months thats for sure.

I am thinking they might just go with Garmin, a proven design. Of course, Cirrus will wait until they get closer to certification to announce the avionics they will be using to take advantage of the most advanced technology out there.

Cirrus News Release


Cirrus Vision SJ50 is the official name of Cirrus Design’s single-engine
pesonal jet, formerly known as “the-jet”.

“The name ‘Cirrus Vision SJ50’ represents a natural extension of Cirrus’ vision to build the ultimate personal trasportation machine,” said Cirrus CEO, Alan Klapmeier. “With Cirrus Vision we are providing an entirely new transportation option for personal and business travel. It is a smarter, simpler, and more efficient way to travel and holds the unique promise of redefining general aviation.”