The Experimental Honda Jet


For those who like to follow the experimental Honda Jet
its tail number is N420HA


They’re filing IFR as a CJ1?


Here’s the FAA data on their tail number. I guess they like being a Cessna :open_mouth:

Serial Number P001 Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name HONDA R & D AMERICAS INC Certificate Issue Date 10/07/2003
Model HA-420 Status Valid
Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Type Engine Turbo-Jet
Pending Number Change None Dealer No
Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 51176117
MFR Year 2003 Fractional Owner


seems like they haven’t flown since January


Foxnews just posted a story on this.,2933,205477,00.html


Which is hilarious when you consider that they’ve chosen Piper as their marketing/completion partner!


it went from columbus to piedmont where it is right now.