CIRRUS Discusses Concept JET

Tampa, FL (November 4, 2005) Cirrus Design Corp. announced at the
Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association Expo a concept for a new jet-
powered aircraft. But is it a Very Light Jet (VLJ)?

CIRRUS says, no according to Alan Klapmeier, president and CEO of
CIRRUS, who believes that there is a growing market for an easy-to-
operate, low-cost, possibly even single engine jet aircraft. Call it a
Personal Jet.

CIRRUS believes this emerging class of personal jet is between high-
performance single-engine flight and what is now the new market sector,
known as Very Light Jets. In fact, the personal jet would actually
complement the VLJ class. This new mode of transportation follows the
companys philosophy to grow the personal aviation industry.

Over the coming months, more details will emerge around the CIRRUS
personal jet. While stopping short of identifying a specific product plan,
the Klapmeiers suggested the personal jet is just the kind of leading edge
concept to be expected from the minds of Cirrus Design.

Dale Klapmeier, executive vice president and co-founder emphasized
CIRRUS idea of a personal jet will be an airplane designed around the
pilot. Easy for the pilot to fly, easy to operate in all environments, and
just like the CIRRUS SR22, this airplane will be designed so that everyone
on board will enjoy the experience. If we offer a Personal Jet it will be
designed as the next step up for an SR22 pilot.

To optimize success according to Alan Klapmeier, such an aircraft
would probably cost less than $1 million and would, of course, be
equipped with the companys signature safety device, the CIRRUS
Airframe Parachute System.

dbaker!!! Did you just realize you posted Boeing’s 777??? 777th Post! Is it a -200 or -300?

Did C fix up the handling for the SR22. I heard the SR20 was a little hard to fly.

"My 800-hour-SR22-pilot friend says that one of his main complaints with the plane is how difficult it is to trim for straight-and-level flight. “The plane really needs a micro-trim switch,” he says. "

Sign me up for the Cirrus single engine personal jet. With the chute and Cirrus thinking it should be efficient and successful. Cessna needs to look up Rome in a dictionary. Last I heard they are talking about a twin diesel.

The trim is a microtrim ‘type’ switch, it is extremely sensitive, and since the plane is fast getting in ‘trimmed’ straight and level is quite a task without using at least a little force with you thumb.

What a lot of people dont know is that the Cirrus-es (Cirrii?) that we all know and love (the SR22 and SR20) were actually only one design of many that the Klapmeier brothers designed. Their original emphasis was for kit build aircraft. Also, the SR stands for Single, Recipricating. The Cirrus VK-30 was somewhat of the predecessor of the SR20/22.
They had designed and flew a ST50, a single engine turboprop pusher design also. (I think there are a few of these flying in Kit-build form.) Picture and other info here:

Woww!! That quickly? How much do you know about it? It looks like your taking that on faith that Cirrus will come up with a good jet.

Cessna has created one the of the best bizjet families. What about the X. The X was not designed by the Romans. .92!!! But, it has been a while since Cessna make a jet. I’m kinda surprized that Cessna hasn’t already announced a VLJ. I think their trying to sell the pistons and jets they’ve designed. May be their not taking up the hasle of a VLJ? I also wouldn’t be surprized if Cirrus’ VLJ is quite good. Just my opinion though. :wink:

Cessna does have an entry to the VLJ market:


Around 8000# max gross, 340kts cruise, six seats, 41000’ max. altitude, first flight in 2005.

The Mustang is a large VLJ. It’s about twice as heavy as the Eclipse. I didn’t know the Mustang was that new!!! [/as I fall off my chair] My favorite VLJs are the Falcon 10/100 and the Mustang. Airplane manufacturers make these jet so small! :imp:

Rumor has it they are building it in Hibbing Mn (KHIB) because hibbing is a smaller town and with a 24 hour FBO and control tower it would be bound to be seen at Duluth.