chip ganassi plane

which plane do you think Chip Gannassi was on?**

He went from Indy 500 to the Coca Cola 600

These are the only 3 planes that left the Indianapolis area to go to the Charlotte area, within the allotted time frame of the end of the Indy 500 and the time he showed up at the Coca Cola 600 race.

N42JP made the flight. I would think he was on it. You cannot not view it on Flightaware as it is blocked…

If it is blocked, how do you know? (just curious)

Check your Pm’s

got it, sent one back

anyone know stewart hass aircraft numbers?

N500TS and N60GH, Newman N139RN and N427KN

does anyone else involved with NASCAR own or operate a Lear 45 besides Gannassi? I know there’s a lot of 31’s; 35’s and 60’s, but I haven’t seen any 45’s much on NASCAR circuit.