China Eastern Airlines


I will be traveling on China Eastern in a few weeks. Where is the best place to sit on the plane(A340-600). Do they have TV’s in each seat? How is their service? Does anyone know the route they fly from LAX to Shanghai?

Any response would be appreciated.



Seat Guru!


Since they don’t have China Eastern on Seat Guru, take a look at the Cathay Pacific 340-600 seat configuration- it should be pretty similar.

As for TV’s, the CP planes offer them, so I’d wager on a “yes.”

Service? Never flown on it.

Route they fly? Do a search for the flight number you’re taking and see what they’ve historically been flying. The route will depend on the weather (and other traffic, especially when going over the ocean), but if you look at the same day of the week as you plan on flying it should be pretty similiar, traffic-wise.

Hope this helps!


If you’re seated aft of the wings, wear comfortable shoes; an A346 is a looooooooooooooong aircraft!! (But I’m sure you already know that :wink: )